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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Bring safety, security and beauty to your home and landscape with Firefly.

1) Safety

Whether it's something as simple as a few lights along your front walk, or perhaps you need a couple of spotlights to illuminate the area around your front door, we can help. With the assistance of Firefly, there's no doubt that you and your family will find moving around at night much safer, with the installation of low voltage landscape lighting. This can be especially important in a region so famous for its inclement weather and something your guests will truly appreciate when they stop by to visit. What is the advantage of  low voltage? Our transformer reduces the voltage from 120 volts to a mere 12 volts which means, if someone compromises the wiring by, for example, digging in the garden, there is no risk of injury.

2) Security

A well lit landscape is an effective deterrent to would-be burglars and a simple way for you and your neighbors to be aware of anything suspicious around your home.

3) Beauty

Of course there's always the aesthetic value too. It may be that your job and commute results in having to leave before dawn and arrive back home after dusk, especially during the winter. This shouldn't mean that the only time you are able to enjoy the look of your home is on the weekends. Firefly will bring your nightscape to life.

Don't forget the savings too. The cost of running your landscape lighting is much less than you would imagine due to the reduced amount of electricity used.

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